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Keith Galley, Behavioral Assistant
Keith Galley has been working with children and adults with IDD for nearly 10 years, first as teacher and now as Support Coordinator. Keith entered the teaching field via alternative route, with children from adolescent to teenage years – researching and implementing IEPs, substitute teaching, after school STEM programs, tutoring in a variety of subjects. Focus on kids with special needs and differing socioeconomic backgrounds.

Keith is currently a Support Coordinator, working with adults transferring into the complex Fee for Service world of the DDD, and those graduating from school into adulthood. IEP discharge meetings must be implemented into an ISP to provide proper continuation of care, with freedom from abuse, neglect and exploitation. Careful planning with educational case managers and behaviorists to ensure a smooth transition.

While Keith’s collegiate education involved advanced mathematics and the sciences, he has found a true love in helping children and adults from unique social, personal and intellectual backgrounds. A firm yet compassionate approach works best. Showing you are truly there to help - not judge - and continue the journey forward toward independence.