Our mission is to increase accessibility for all to obtain high quality mental health services

within our diverse communities.


Who are we?


Established in 2015, MTR Therapy strives to establish an affirming space for all to explore and navigate their challenges. We believe that everyone should have access to high quality and culturally competent mental health services. We aim to serve communities who are often left out of the conversation and who have historically been marginalized. Our core values include:
Increasing Access – we accept some commercial insurance plans and state sponsored plans. Acceptance of insurance varies between sites. For those whose insurance we don’t accept, we have developed different fee structures to make services accessible.
Moving beyond trauma-informed care – We specialize in trauma care integrating Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Somatic Experiencing to help individuals process trauma. Our clinicians have advanced training in trauma care. We specialize in sexual trauma and trauma related to identity: race/ethnicity, cultural, gender, sexual orientation, and religion.
Commitment to Service – We believe in giving back to the communities we are a part of. We regularly sponsor events that are representative of the communities we serve and collaborate with stakeholders who  are committed to social justice issues. 
Your mental health and wellness are our priority. We look forward to working with you.



 Max St. John

It's amazing what is possible when mind, body, and soul experience safety. My goal is to create an environment where exploration and growth are possible because one feels safe and heard.


Colleen Tate

My passion for therapy comes from the belief that everyone is entitled to find genuine happiness and peace within their lives.  

I encourage a holistic approach to help others develop a deeper understanding of themselves in order to feel fuller, more resilient and ready to take on anything.

  Michael Ramos

Portions of my practice are ingrained by a social justice framework. I endeavor to create safe spaces for those who are often marginalized, and encourage them to experience their life’s story by their own expectations as opposed to the norms set forth by their surrounding communities.

Dante Duval Barfield

Our scars are reminders of how we heal. Our healing is a reminder of how we can live.

 Sabina Dominga Williamson

It is okay to feel your feelings. That's what makes us all human; what makes us all connected. You are not alone in feeling what you feel. But if leaning into those feelings feels scary or daunting right now, that's okay too. We can co-create a space and welcome those parts of you, the ones that make you human, together.



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