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Brandon Isaacson

My passion in life is seeking to understand and support those around me. Sometimes that’s through my work as a therapist, sometimes it’s through a love of books and films that bring me into someone else’s perspective, and sometimes it’s through being active in my community to bring about change. I obsessively seek new knowledge, whether that's through listening to perspectives that are new to me, or learning new information. I am eager to hear your story and share what I've learned that might be able to help!

As a therapist, I operate from the belief that we are working together as a team. You are the expert on you. I’m not here to tell you what to do, I’m here to use my special skills and knowledge to help you understand what’s happening in your mind and body, find your power and healing, and figure out what to do next. For me, part of the therapy process is creating trust by being my authentic self with you. It’s hard to be raw and real with someone who is hiding their true self from you! I also think it’s critical that working with you requires understanding the forces that have influenced and shaped you, as finding healing often involves understanding how you respond to, and can change, those environments. In therapeutic lingo, my approach often involves Liberation Psychotherapy, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and/or Mindfulness. I am also being trained in EMDR and emotionally focused couples therapy.

I identify as a white, Jewish, cisgender male, with pronouns he/him/his, who works to be anti-racist and anti-patriarchal. In addition to serving as a psychotherapist, I am also the MTR Intake Coordinator, ensuring quality intakes that thoughtfully consider each client’s intersectional identity. Outside of my day-to-day therapy work, I have presented research about the effectiveness of EMDR for female survivors of sexual and domestic violence at the industry-leading ACA 2021 Conference, will be a published author on the same subject in November 2021, and have done additional research examining the experience of using NARCAN in the Philadelphia community and exploring Liberation Psychotherapy as a social justice counseling theory. I’ve guest lectured to Masters students in Counseling at The College of New Jersey about using mindfulness and wellness at the intersection of being an LGBT+ elder and I currently serve as President of the New Jersey Association for Multicultural Counseling (NJAMC), an organization focused on ensuring multicultural competence for NJ counselors.


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