Brian Taylor
 MA, NCC​​

Striving in the United States as a working-class Queer, I am driven toward the cessation of suffering through self-advocacy, social justice, and collective action. I have spent years working in community-health engaged in service of the marginalized, specifically LGBTQ and BIPOC communities, working-class individuals, people living with HIV, disability, substance abuse, and the intersections therein. I received my MSEd in Counseling Psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia and am currently in the process of licensure.

My lived and professional experience orients my practice toward centering the client’s history, perspective, and aspirations in informing the direction of our time together. Through harm reduction and strength building we cultivate a shared space of healing and authentic validation. Through mindfulness and introspection we address present hardship and investigate how it connects with past experience and is reinforced by social context. Together we uncover a place of empowerment where we can regain a sense of control and forge ahead a path toward satisfaction and contentment.


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