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Max St. John

EAP Coordinator

Max has his undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Oregon, and in June of 2020 earned his Master’s in Community and Trauma Counseling at Thomas Jefferson University. Max approaches therapy through the lens of trauma. He believes that traumatic experiences, and experiences in general, embed themselves in people psychologically, physiologically, and spiritually, and believes in a strong interaction between all three. In practice, Max thinks that awareness of these interactions is a cornerstone of healing, and urges clients to be honest in appraising their thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

Max utilizes mindfulness to help clients become more in tune with themselves, and encourages deep reflection of not only his clients, but himself as well. Creating a judgement free space where clients can feel safe is paramount for Max, and he uses humility and genuineness to achieve such a feeling. Max believes clients are the experts in their own lives, and feels that sincere curiosity about his client’s experiences is the only way to understand their story.


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