Dante Duval Barfield


Clinical Supervisor

We have developed many labels for the challenges we end. Many summed up as depression or anxiety. Our life experiences become pathologies. My therapy background is rooted in diversity. Throughout my years as a clinician I have had people from all backgrounds, races, colors, ages, shapes, and sizes come to my office. I have helped people through depression, family trauma, body image, grief and loss, to work stress. Diversity is my specialty and throughout my time in the field I have maintained a very successful and consistent clientele. I maintain a safe space, free of judgment and bias. A relationship in which you can trust, grow, and progress.
I offer a service that is based on identity, understanding your "best self", and acknowledging the impact and power of upbringing and family. As a person of color I also maintain a baseline of understanding on how our cultural identity impact our mood, affect, and overall understanding of ourselves. I move past societal norms and focus on the reality of you. I am also EMDR trained and have a strong foundation in simple to complex trauma. Within my practice setting I also oversee our Employee Assistance Program as Director of EAP where we have built and provided a safe and intentional space for employees of color and the LGBTQ+ community.
Finding a therapist can be tough exhausting, and sometimes hopeless. How do you find the "right fit?” As a of person of color I thrive to maintain a diverse and open space for all. My only criteria is "are you willing?"


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