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Destiny De La Rosa

M.A., NCC​​

I obtained both my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and my Masters in Counseling at The College of New Jersey, in addition to obtaining certifications in substance abuse and working with youth. While attending college I participated in a research project where it focused on understanding the causes for low graduation rates of minorities in STEM majors. It is through this research that we have begun to minimize the barriers minorities face. I also assisted in developing a system where public schools can have a better understanding of ways they can support English as a second language learners as opposed to only teaching the language. It is through this research and experiences of my own, and my background as a bilingual therapist, that have led me to be passionate about inclusiveness and creating a platform so that marginalized populations could have a voice.

I believe that who we are as adults is directly related to our childhood experiences. Through therapy, individuals work on overcoming their challenges and start to understand their childhood experiences. It is then that they are able to change behaviors to have a desired outcome. Populations I have experience working with working have had experiences with substance use, trauma, anxiety, PTSD, survivors of rape and those exploring their sexuality. I provide individuals a space to truly be their authentic self. It is when you feel comfortable in sharing details of your story and allowing me to be a part of it that this space becomes a courageous one. 


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