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Dezarey Williams
Clinical Intern

She heavily believes that people are doing the best they can with what they have. With support, you can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to prevail through hardship and build the life you want to live.  She recognizes that trauma heavily impacts people. She eagerly attempts to figure out how to resolve and work through obstacles, trauma and roadblocks. Then, gradually at the clients pace work together as a team to create a fulfilling life. 


She has a history of working with adolescent individuals, young adults, and individuals in the DDD community. She also believes that healing is a collaborative process that requires honesty without judgment. She loves to cooperatively assist clients in clarifying their goals for treatment. She implements a safe space and encourages autonomy and a person-centered approach.  Rather than adopting one framework for all individuals and issues, She draws from a variety of systems to create a tailored approach for each unique individual and situation.


She is warm, open, encouraging, and direct. She considers herself present and readily available to meet the needs of each client. 


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