EAP Mission


Our mission is to provide intentional and authentic supportive services for employees of all cultures, identities, and backgrounds. We offer a safe and unique boutique style of services in multiple locations in the Philadelphia area  and have completely transtioned to online EAP services due the current heath crisis. Our goal is to help address challenges related to identity and racial barriers present in the workplace and beyond. 


Services Provided


Individual Psychotherapy


Individual therapy will be provided for each employee on a week-by-week basis. Employees will be offered (1-12 sessions) to address their interpersonal, work, and family stressors. We will provide a safe and confidential environment to guarantee privacy for all employees.


Individual therapy will be offered 7 days a week. During individual therapy the client can address short term goals related to their presenting challenges ,as well as, find space to acknowledge identity and how that impacts their work relationship. Follow up services will also be provided. Each employee will be offered the potential to extend their individual therapy services within MTR Therapy with their preferred clinician.


Supervisory and Leadership training


Training and support for management, supervisors, and other leaders regarding the use of effective skills to adapt, understand, and have a clearer vision as to the impact societal and workplace trauma can have on our communities. Leadership members will be educated on identification of troubled employees not only on the grounds of mental health and stress, but also identify challenges related to sexual and gender identity, race, culture and how it impacts productivity and morale.


Virtual Sessions


As we know many employees have challenges with finding time for self care. Our individual sessions will also be offered virtually for employees who may have challenges related to attending therapy in person. Virtual sessions can also be combined with in-person therapy if this better suits the needs of the individual. Due to the pandemic all of our services have been made available online.

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