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Hannah Schor-Engel
Clinical Intern

 Hannah is currently working toward her master's degree from New York University in Applied Psychology with a focus on Mental Health Counseling and Wellness. Hannah utilizes an individualized approach to counseling that capitalizes on clients’ strengths. It is her belief that the client should direct the healing process by examining the development of their mental health concerns. Hannah’s goal is to shed light on the past to help individuals confront issues they are currently facing. She guides clients through deepening their connection to themselves by bringing attention to the present moment through mindfulness practices like meditation. 

 Hannah is passionate about providing holistic support for individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, transitions, and relationship difficulties. Her theoretical approach to healing is influenced by intersectional feminism that is aimed at fostering a sense of empowerment to facilitate change. Hannah is particularly interested in offering affirming care to systemically oppressed individuals by examining the effect oppression has on their current emotional distress and trauma development. As a queer person, Hannah is invested in providing a sense of community for LGBTQ+ identities to flourish. She believes deep fulfillment comes from developing a strong connection to self and community. 


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