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Jen King


Jen obtained her Masters’ Degree in Social Work at Smith College. Her areas of interest include trauma recovery, sexuality, and personal identity.  Her approach is sex worker friendly, queer inclusive, and works to be anti-racist. 


She works from a harm reduction lens, and believes in each individual’s right to self-determination.  Therapy is collaborative. She believes that the client is the expert on their own experience and should be in control of their healing process.  Because of this belief, she approaches therapy from a place of respect and humility.    

Jen utilizes a psychodynamic approach to explore how the past is present.  She incorporates aspects of DBT and CBT into her practice, and works to find an approach that is a fit for each client’s unique needs.  It is important to her not to pathologize clients.  Rather, she works with each client to unpack how the past is present in a non-judgmental atmosphere.  She is interested in exploring the meaning of emotions and the stories behind defense mechanisms.


 Jen socially locates as a white, queer, cisgender woman.  She uses she/her pronouns.​


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