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 Jerome Hollomon


After obtaining my Master's degree from Columbia University Social of Social Work in 2019, I have worked with individuals from various health and mental health backgrounds. I have worked with primarily adult clients. I focus my clinical practice on working with underserved and unprivileged communities, specifically Black/POC and LGBTQ+, as my social locations are within these communities. I want to continue to serve these populations throughout my clinical career. Speaking from experience, it is often hard to go through life and frequently see people who do not look like you across various settings.

Since I see the whole person and not just the diagnosis, my therapeutic approaches focus on the multi-faceted therapeutic approaches of psychodynamic, person-centered, and harm reduction through a trauma-informed lens. I want my clients to feel engaged and empowered in their choices and decisions. As I am nonjudgmental, I want clients to feel open to discussing any needs, wants, or desires out of life and their personal goals. I am passionate about quality client care, supporting, and people the tools to advocate better for themselves. Everyone should be and felt heard!"


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