Jie Bin Chen​

Jie Bin is a pre-licensed professional counselor and graduated from the nationally CACREP accredited Community and Trauma Counseling - M.S. program at Thomas Jefferson university. His goal is to become a trauma-informed licensed professional counselor with a Person-Centered and eclectic approach in supporting his clients. He attained his B.A. in Neuropsychology from Rutgers University, New Brunswick and is a first-generation immigrant. Jie Bin has worked in the mental health field for over 7 years with various demographics and in different sectors. He has also worked with a wide range of diverse and culturally rich populations in the community. He has worked in Philadelphia as a food and nutrition educator for community members, teaching children and their family the importance of diet and nutrition for the body and mind.Thus, he values interprofessional collaboration and views wellness from an integrative perspective.


Through his experience in the field and his training in education, Jie Bin understands the importance of holistic care and valuing individuals as the expert in their story. He sees counseling as a learner's career and that the counselor will need to always remain curious and learn from the client and the community to provide the best support. He sees the beauty in the complexity and idiosyncrasy of each individual and believes every person should be treated how he/she/they want to be treated. Jie Bin sees the counseling relationship as the collaboration between the counselor and the client. And the counselor as a "fellow traveler" in the journey by supporting the client and their goals."


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