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 Sheridan A. Smith
Clinical Intern

Sheridan is in the middle of his Masters of Social Work degree at Temple University. He has a strong focus on and passion for working with people with histories of trauma. Believing that trauma shows up not just in the mind but in the body, relationships, and environment as well, Sheridan works to view trauma in context and works with the person as the only expert on their own lives and experiences. 


Understanding that the goals of therapy, the traumas, and the people in therapy change, Sheridan works to create an evolving and responsive way of working with people that reflects who they are and where they are at that moment, allowing for change and shifting needs. To help allow for this type of dynamic work, he focuses on building a relationship and creating an atmosphere of acceptance, safety, and curiosity to encourage fearlessness in exploring one’s life story.


Sheridan has a strong background in mindfulness and meditation, using these skills as tools to help those he works with, as well as ways to listen and be present with those around him.


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