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Katie Schank,MSW, LCSW
 Training Coordinator

Katie received her MSW from Hunter College in New York City. She has primarily provided services to the LGBTQ community as well as folks who have experienced childhood trauma, and people living with HIV and AIDS and other chronic illnesses. She is also competent working with individuals and families who identify as Polyamorous, open and/or engage in BDSM and kink. Katie has extensive experience working with people around addiction, depression/anxiety, PTSD, relationship issues, sexual health, domestic abuse, etc. Katie uses a trauma informed, psychodynamic and relational approach to therapy sessions while also utilizing aspects of CBT and DBT, mindfulness practice and contemplative psychology.

Katie aims to create a safe and comfortable space where clients can begin to feel curious about their thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and behaviors. She aims to assist clients with learning more about themselves, their goals, their relationships and how they see themselves as a person in the world. Katie wants to offer clients a place where they can feel safely supported, nurtured and at times challenged. She considers herself an intersectional feminist, social activist as well as a psychotherapist and often examines with clients how oppressive systems in their environment connect with their sense of self and well-being.

Katie also provides trainings, workshops and educational opportunities around the following topics: LGBTQIA+ Cultural Competency, Mindfulness Practice, Trauma Informed Care, Self-Care, Sexual Health Education and White Allyship