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Temurnikar, Mitali - Professional Headshot_edited.jpg

Mitali Temurnikar

Clinical Intern

Mitali is a first-year graduate student in the Counseling & Mental Health Services program at the University of Pennsylvania. Born and brought up in India, Mitali identifies as a first-generation graduate student. Her experience ranges from working at hospitals, not-for-profits, non-government organizations, private practice, and recruitment firms in India. Through her experiences, she realized the ever-growing importance of well-being in different contexts. She is always curious to explore ways of creating healthier environments that focus on positive mental health.  Mitali is highly passionate about a variety of fields such as career development, culture-building in organizations and communities, personal & professional development of individuals belonging to underserved communities, providing trauma-informed care, and creating support groups to promote conversations that require courage. She believes that the role of a counselor is to act as a catalyst in empowering and enabling their clients. Thus, Mitali envisions becoming a counselor with a vision to promote individual and community well-being by offering innovative, accessible, and client-centric counseling services.


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