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Sabina Dominga Williamson

Sabina obtained her Master’s of Science degree from Villanova University in Counseling, Clinical Mental Health. She is certified by the Board of National Certified Counselors. She utilizes a collaborative approach to partner with clients in prioritizing their mental health goals. Sabina values clients’ knowledge of their own lives and views clients as experts on their own needs for therapy. When starting out with Sabina, the focus of sessions will be on developing a therapeutic relationship built on trust and authenticity. You as a client will enter into a nonjudgmental space, where you can experience empathy and unconditional positive regard from Sabina. She will provide you with a space to ask yourself, “What do I want from this experience?” Sabina can then support you through addressing current or past hurt and be present with you in the moment as emotions come up. She will be with you as you explore the narratives that influence your functioning and well being. She can also help you work towards success and wellness through reframing hurtful or unhelpful thoughts if you find these to be barriers in your life. If you find that you are consumed by the aspects of life that you cannot control, she can help you engage in acceptance work to ease anxiety. She can additionally work with you to make connections between your thoughts, feelings and behaviors if this modality for treatment is a fit for you. Sabina believes that therapy should be an empowering process in which the client’s strengths are highlighted, to help the client work towards the best version of themself. Sabina has experience working with adolescents and adults.


Sabina considers multicultural systems and identities in her framework for treating clients within the contexts that matter most to them. She aims to destigmatize mental health help for minoritized groups through her work as a therapist. She has specialized interests in racial identity and relevant concerns; LGBTQ+ identities and relevant concerns; biracial, multiracial and multiethnic identities and relevant concerns; individuals living life while experiencing disabilities; anxiety and depression management; our relationships with sex, sexuality and internalized shame and college/age young adult populations and relevant concerns. Sabina affirms the voices and identities of all her clients.


Sabina socially locates as a biracial, bisexual, cisgender woman and member of the Latinx community. Her preferred gender pronouns are she/her/hers.


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