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Introduction to Meditation Skills; 
Creating a More Spacious Life with Your Inner Resources

Learn to meditate and acquire the lifelong mental and physical benefits of working with your mind, body and emotions for a healthier, saner life. A universal, non religious human skill, Meditation enables you to access your strengths, deepest values, intelligence and inherent wisdom by looking inward and getting to know what is going on in your mind. With commitment and support, everyone can learn how to do this lifelong practice which is thousands of years old and now scientifically endorsed by research in Neuroscience.

Working in a friendly way with posture, breath, and awareness, you will learn to meet your inner feelings and thoughts by paying attention to what is happening each moment. And by eventually recognizing mental habits and old patterns, you can begin to make better choices affecting your behavior, relationships and life goals. Meditation is a fundamental skill that opens the doors of awareness which is the absolute prerequisite for skillfully managing the anxieties and stresses so common in our lives today. Together we will:

      1. Learn basic meditation techniques using posture, breath and awareness, 
      2. Keep meditation journals and share experiences with each other.  
      3. Practice, discuss and explore during class 
      4. Create a do-able practice plan to integrate meditation skills easily into your life.
Cost $150 for out of pocket, due in advance to secure your place. If you have insurance, you will be responsible for any applicable company's copay or deductible.
Day and Time:
Friday at 10AM-11:15am for 4 weekly sessions
Dates to be announced

Anxiety Group

Anxiety is a feeling we all wish to avoid and make go away. It would be hard to call it our friend, but maybe it is not the enemy we imagine it to be. What is anxiety and how can we manage it?  In this group we will explore with supportive curiosity, the possibility that anxiety is actually a natural bodily signal, which like hunger pangs, fatigue, shivering, and emotions, is telling us to pay attention and take care of ourselves. And just like hunger or strong feelings, it won't go away until we pay attention to its message.  By looking at it this way, we can begin to normalize, understand and respond more helpfully instead of trying to escape the discomfort.  Using group discussion, body awareness, movement, journaling, humor and homework, we will be learning to look anew at our "demon" and in the process begin to disarm and down scale this frustrating and very common experience. You are not alone so be ready to find allies and support from others in the same boat. Bring friendliness, curiosity and wear comfortable clothing for movement,  

This is a closed group that will run for 5 weeks. The cost is $200 for the complete series. 

Women’s Circle: Now is the Time Claiming Our Wisdom, Power and Authenticity for Women in Maturity, 50 and up.

This group will open and explore the unbounded potential of mature women to live with the full integrity and self authority that eludes so many at other life stages. Every life path a woman takes eventually can arrive at the physical and mental challenges of isolation, anxiety, declining health and loss of self worth. These are real and tangible issues but they can be met and managed by harvesting the far greater fruits of long life: the knowing intelligence, the gathered wisdom, and the hard won experience of life’s trials and blessings. Today, women can have 10 to 40+ active years after career and family roles have been fulfilled. Now is the time to shed our limiting beliefs and old habits for the opportunity to live a new stage of life, to choose a new direction, career, or long forgotten dream. With courage, wit and care, we can now claim the freedom to speak and live according to our deepest truths. Join this Circle of Women to find the support and inspiration for your changes and new horizons so that these can be some of the most meaningful and rewarding years of your life.

This group will be led by Rebecca Narva, certified Hendrick’s Life Coach, Nia Technique Black Belt Instructor and certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor. We can explore modalities of discussion, journaling, movement and mindfulness practices to enrich our growth and empowerment.

Meeting every other week at MTR Therapy, 201 South 18th St. Suite 204. Dates and time to be announced.
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