Trauma-Fit (“T-Fit”) – Working out your trauma. T-Fit is an individualized trauma treatment program designed to process and activate trauma networks that exist within an individual. The goal of T-Fit is to decrease the severity of an individual’s trauma symptoms in order to provide relief to those areas of the body where participant’s store their trauma. T-Fit incorporates fitness, mindfulness, psychodrama, somatic experience, and psychotherapy techniques.

Our professionals will assist participants in identifying areas of the body where trauma is stored, and then tailor the physical component to the individualized needs of the participant regardless of previous physical activity experience. Participants will gain insight into how their body responds when their minds are being occupied by intrusive thoughts and images of their trauma.

Initially, participants will be evaluated and assessed by our professionals to determine the nature of the trauma that is being processed and how that trauma impacts the individual emotionally and physically. T-Fit is not personal training, instead it is an innovative way to process trauma when traditional psychotherapy is not enough.