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Trauma-Fit (“T-Fit”) – where mind and body meet. T-Fit is an individualized group treatment program designed to process and activate trauma networks that exist within an individual. The goal of T-Fit is to desensitize the severity of an individual’s trauma symptoms in order to provide relief to those areas of the body where participant’s store their trauma by combining the training of licensed therapists and certified personal trainers.​​​

The program, which consists of a five (5) hour program, divided over two days, not only explores how trauma effects the body physically and emotionally, but also utilizes physical activity to help release the physical manifestations of trauma storing. Participants are divided by gender and trauma experiences. Our professionals will assist participants in identifying areas of the body where trauma is stored, and then tailor the physical component to the individualized needs of the participant regardless of previous physical activity levels.

Initially, participants will be evaluated and assessed by our professionals to determine the nature of the trauma that is being processed and how that trauma impacts the individual physically. T-Fit is not personal training as it focuses on the physical, emotional and mental needs of the participants.