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Veronica Pena

Practice Manager​​

Veronica is a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition school based out of New York City. She’s a Certified Nutritional Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and a Certified Children’s Yoga instructor. She discovered her passion for wellness over 15 years ago, when she learned that over 50% of chronic illness could be avoided with healthy eating habits and a normal exercise routine. It was only when she went through her training as a holistic health coach that she discovered health is defined by more than just the food on our plates. As she dove deeper in her study, she became interested in deconstructing the perplexing idea that although most people know how to be healthy, why don't people just do it? Today Veronica strives to help her patients answer these questions for themselves through her coaching. She believes that health should be viewed holistically and so should every human being. She infuses wholeness within her framework, rather than isolating the health issue at hand.

Veronica is bilingual in Spanish. Her coaching style includes integrating her wellness training, her personal lifelong journey as a health advocate for family, friends and colleagues along with her LatinX background. Her coaching intersects how culture, environment and habits all play a vital role in how we experience a well-balanced lifestyle.

Her focus is helping others identify the markers that may be holding someone back from experiencing health in an organic way. She introduces strategies for internal exploration as it relates to food, culture, and lifestyle. She works with her patients to uncover the root causes for cravings, integrates cooking ideas, and incorporates an action plan to help carve out the time required for self-nurturing activities such as body movements that align with your internal energy, which may include yoga, breathing techniques and meditative practices.

Veronica believes that a daily commitment to our internal work is necessary to attain a fully blissful experience in this life. She serves not to tell her patients what is right, but serves as a guide on the side for her patients to explore and discover beautiful and creative ways to achieve a happy, healthy life. 


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