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Xinyue (Eva) Chen
Clinical Intern

Eva is currently a graduate student in the Counseling and Human Services masters’ program at Lehigh University. Eva is bilingual in English & Mandarin Chinese and is willing to help individuals facing a language barrier. Her personal cross-cultural experiences as a member of racial minorities have encouraged her to support and advocate for diversity and multiculturalism in the therapeutic space.


Eva has a history working within private, hospital, and online settings. Her history includes work before and during the COVID-19 pandemic, with exposure to all age groups starting from pediatric populations to adults. These experiences and her training with behavioral issues, suicidal ideations, weight-related concerns, depression, and other mental health issues, have brought her a humanistic compassion and understanding for children, adolescents, young adults, and young parents. Throughout Eva’s experiences, she has learned the importance of openness, acceptance, and support as a therapist. She believes in the healing power of automacy and allegiance, honoring the belief that clients are the ones who truly walk their own journey.


Eva views her mission as joining the journey and helping clients find their potential answers while focusing on the process, not the solution. She values genuine communication on thoughts, feelings, and emotions with clients as human beings. Eva believes in acknowledging a client’s best interests and insists on utilizing science-based approaches in combination with her human-centered perspective. She is open to flexibility and adaptation for personal needs, taking a holistic approach to therapy. In her view, mental wellness is inseparable from meeting essential physical needs regarding nutrition, sleep, movement, etc. and she believes in the benefit of incorporating mindfulness within her therapeutic approach.


Eva is positive, energetic, thoughtful, curious, responsible, and always ready to help.


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